ESS - Dirt Sieve 07 - Large

 We produce our own range of premium soils, to maintain the quality you expect.

From nutrient dense vegie garden soil, to one for making garden beds, sowing a lawn,  under instant turf or to build up some low areas, we have the complete range to suit your needs.

  • Premium soil
  • Garden soil
  • Lawn soil
  • Second soil

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Available For Hire

ESS - RotoChopper 08

Waste Timber?   Waste Pallets?   Trees?

Recycle It.  Mulch It.  Colour It.  Use It.  Sell It.

Available for hire, our unique Rotochopper , a horizontal wood grinder,  reduces landfill by making premium, 100% recycled mulch from pallets, timber offcuts and trees.

To see the Rotochopper in action, go to www.epsomsandandsoil.com.au/news/watch/

So if you need to get it ready and get it cleared, Epsom Sand and Soil will help you get it right.

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Recycled Mulches

Black Mulch with Tree FG - Large

From $30.00 per cubic metre

Quality, recycled mulches made by us, from local timber offcuts and pallets, that would have otherwise ended up in Bendigo's landfill. Support our products that support our community.

  • Black mulch
  • Red mulch
  • Brown mulch
  • Recycled Pallet mulch
  • Recycled Tree mulch (when available)
  • Organic mulch

For more information, see PRODUCTS - MULCH.

Get It Ready, Get It Right, Get It from Epsom Sand and Soil