Award Winning Business


On Friday 17th October,  we won the Retail and Environmental Categories at the recent 2014 Bendigo Business Excellence Awards!  In the last twelve months we have taken the family business to another level and we are so proud of all our team and what we have achieved. After 38 years in business, we really value and appreciate this opportunity to be recognized in our community.

 So next time you need to Get It Ready and Get It Right, Get it from Epsom Sand and Soil!

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A Trusted Name

 David and I

 A family business for nearly 40 years, Epsom Sand and Soil is an environmentally friendly, sustainable business that brings real value back to the communities in which we operate.

More than words, our business is built around real values. Values we live through our Community Giving Programs, great customer relationships and premier products and services.

At Epsom Sand and Soil, our commitment is to respect our customers with quality, weighed, measured and delivered products backed by fully serviced plant and equipment and a culture of continuous improvement that keeps us ahead of the rest.

Tradesmen, landscapers, homeowners, developers, retailers, business, community groups and government…at Epsom Sand and Soil, you can trust us to GET IT READY and GET IT RIGHT.




Holiday Projects

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Still on holidays? Here's a few ways our products can help you with your DIY projects, before heading back to work:

  • bricklaying, paving and plastering sands
  • gravels for driveways and paths
  • concrete mix and cement
  • soils for garden beds, vegie gardens or pot plants
  • decorative stones for paths or garden mulch
  • sand pit sand - beautiful white washed beach type sand
  • mulches to retain moisture in garden beds
  • soft fall mulch for under play areas and sandpit sand
  • screenings for drainage areas

See our website for complete details and professional product photos.

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